Purchase Gift Voucher(s) that will create memories and a fun experience for those close to you.  You may send your gift(s) directly to them by entering their emails or to your own email.  We have provided the total cost associated with the purchase of ticket to each event to assist with amount of your gift voucher.  

Snowmen Ornaments - $76.00

Beer Glass - $74.00

Flared Bowl - $74.00

Round Ornaments - $74.00

Stemless Wine Glass - $74.00

Whiskey Glass - $74.00

Pumpkins - $69.00

Flower - $63.00

Egg-Travaganza - $63.00

Paperweights - $63.00

Flaming Cocktail - Hot Date Night - $203.00

Private Classes - $220.00 

We will see you at at one of our interactive Help Creates!


You have the option to apply your Gift Voucher to purchase any of our Help Create options offered in the link below: 

The Gift Voucher can only be used 1 time, so you need to be sure to use the full amount before closing out the Help Create of your choice.

Please keep in mind there are No Refunds with the purchase of voucher or when using the voucher code. Your Gift Voucher is valid for up to 1 year from date of purchase.  

The gift voucher is used for the help create events or paperweight classes only.  This voucher can not be used to purchase items in the gallery.  

If you would like to purchase art glass from the gallery, please call (817) 251-1668.  You can also visit the gallery to purchase art glass as well as the Vetro Art Glass Gift Card.  Vetro Gallery Staff look forward to assisting you!


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